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My name is Dominic Muir and I'm 41 years old, currently living in the UK and married to beautiful Thea (pictured). I was raised by wonderful parents in London as a nominal Catholic. Having graduated from university with a first class honours degree I entered the world of corporate marketing and film production. I had no interest in the things of God. My life slowly became spiritually empty, hedonistic and increasingly morally bankrupt.

Aged 26 I had a life-changing encounter with the love, power and presence of Jesus Christ whilst doing an Alpha course. Over night my life went from secular consumerism and what I would now call 'career idolatry' to a passionate hunger and pursuit for the things of the kingdom of God. You can watch me tell my story here.

Since my conversion to Christ in 2002, I have spent the last 14 years, amongst odd jobs, painting fences and times of wilderness, as an evangelist, teacher, author ('God Hunger: Meditations from a Life of Longing') and revivalist with a passion for street ministry and the priesthood of all believers. I also had the privilege of founding 'David's Tent' (2011), a three day annual Christian worship event in the UK (www.davidstent.net). 

In May 2005 I founded Now Believe ministries (www.nowbelieve.com) initially as a web-based evangelistic venture. Soon God's call on my life was extended to the streets and then to different nations. I now have the honour and excitement of leading street evangelism teams all over the world, as well as ministering at Crusade style outreaches, teaching and discipling at conferences and organising them. 

My wife Thea and I have recently launched 'I Am So Many Things' (www.iamsomanythings.com), a movement that celebrates true identity through beautiful products and community. My parents run the dispatch office from Wales! Alongside loving Jesus, I enjoy a home-made bowl of custard, hamburgers, Belgium beer, travelling, wild swimming and football.

You can follow me at www.facebook.com/HungryDom and also www.facebook.com/Dominic.Leo.Muir


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