Your Life is a River

Your life is a river that people get to swim in. And out of interest, which streams do you hang out in? Ok - let me try and pull this back out of the metaphorical!

Next time you are reading the newspaper, a novel, at the movies, listening to the radio, chanting your favourite Taylor Swift chorus (powerless, fear-saturated "Look What You Made Me Do… I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me" nearly 900 million views on YouTube), hearing a preach at church or talking to friends, be aware of the spiritual transactions that are taking place. Impartation is going on all the time. The word "impart" means to give, convey or grant. Impartation doesn't just happen in a prayer meeting with the laying on of hands, it never stops.

You receive an impartation from people all the time. You impart when you release who you are and what you carry. Jesus said, "My words are spirit and life." In other scriptures the words of Jesus are rushing waters, a two-edged sword, fire. Our very being, presence and communication also carries atmosphere, virtue and grace depending on the condition of our heart and our spiritual agreements. Like waters we can wash or dirty, like a sword we can and will also pierce people's lives for good or ill, like holy fire, if we carry it, we can energise and refine.

"Now faith is the substance...(Her 11) and it comes by hearing the word..." (Rom 10:17) Our lives and words impart substance, like a sprinkler system giving out clean water or sewage, all depending on the place in the spirit we drink, the altar we have bowed at and the word we are submitted to and the testimony we have carved out with and in God.

We don't just take in information, we take in information through our spiritual agreements. When we read, it's not just our voice in the commentary, there's an impartation from the author and the agenda that he or she has submitted to. Listening to a lecture or preach, we interpret what they say through our agreements. This can act as both a healthy filter when our agreements are righteous or a stumbling block, when we are carrying strongholds which we refuse to offer meekly for "saving" by the implanting of God's word through repentance.

Education is not merely a transference of information, true education is impartation. Teachers impart their spiritual agreements. Responsible students discern the teacher's bias and look past it to the truth. (Ibid Mike Maeshiro)

Jesus said, "Receive a prophet in the name of a prophet and you will receive a prophet's reward." Kingdom impartation has to do with releasing who we truly are in God, or receiving who another is. This "spirit and life" flows through humility, hunger and honour and is held in healthy check via discernment. Eat the meat, spit out the bones. This is why we need discernment in this hour more than ever. Why more than ever? Because deception has increased and Jesus warned us that it would, as did Paul. But greater grace is also more readily available! Impartation can make you accelerate 10 years in one encounter. I'll take that. And remember, your life is a river that others will jump into. Let it sweep people into glory and the very depths of God.


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