Today's True Bigots: How the Church is learning to love the Real Bullies

Perhaps our nation's greatest ever preacher, George Whitefield, said this - “If you are going to walk with Jesus Christ, you are going to be opposed.... In our days, to be a true Christian is really to become a scandal.” 

Sadly, in today's western climate, you will be called a bigot for speaking the truth in love. It's a given. As in Whitefield's day, our faith has become scandalous and will be opposed. But know this: you have been bullied by a true bigot, in the true sense of the word. Let's look the word up. A bigot is 'a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.' This is the level of hypocrisy and deception many have sunk to today. But deception can be a red carpet for our compassion, because many are simply unaware (by definition deception means you are deceived and so ignorant), they have swallowed sound-bites from the wrong source (this stuff is all over the university campuses) and ours is the role to bring revelation and truth, in love, in order to set free.

"The new brand of political correctness, popular on college campuses and social media, is the idea that no speech should exist that directly challenges politically correct ideas. Liberals label all speech they don’t like as “hate speech.” That term has been stretched so broadly it has lost all meaning. The practitioners of the new political correctness are not equipped for a world in which individuals can disagree with what is deemed appropriate thought. They rely on silencing the opposition with hysterics, instead of winning with superior ideas. Freedom of speech is America’s most cherished right, and implicit in freedom of speech is the freedom to disagree."
Milo Yiannopoulos

Sadly, I suspect I haven't preached a full gospel if 'bigot' mud isn't somewhere on my coat as I finish up! So be encouraged, let's learn to celebrate persecution British church like never before, knowing that if God is for us, who cares who's against us? Remember, this important topic of persecution takes up two verses in the central beatitudes (more than any other), yet I fear we don't dine out here nearly long enough in today's assemblies. 

Persecution leads to stunning eternal reward and God uses is to further His cause. Read the book of Acts. Jesus says, persecution is evidence of our prophetic role. If we are not being persecuted, we are not evidencing godliness, the kingdom of God is not advancing. 

Truth cares for your salvation over your feelings

When I am overly concerned about your feelings or convenience I have betrayed you as a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a victim, still moving from fear, ego is still central - at best my love is shallow.

I must own the fact that I, like the rest of the sleeping world and parts of the church, have likely come under the well-crafted, well-funded spell of the antichrist spirit which seeks to feed godless, victim mentality, having multitudes intimidated by the totalitarianism of political correctness and the counterfeit love of progressive tolerance. 

It is true there are and have been victims. Society, the church, must give a voice to the voiceless, bring justice where there is injustice. But this must happen in two vital ways, it must be done in obedience to God's word (truth) for He alone is the author of righteousness and justice (they are the very foundations of His throne). Second, whilst acknowledging and looking to help victims of abuse it must never feed the victim mentality. It is not what happens to us in life that ultimately matters, it is how we respond. We must all repent, believe the gospel, take ownership and responsibility of our lives before the great Day when we shall give account before God.

A hard left society feeds victimhood and grows bullies and intolerant, cultural marxists. The victim mindset is married to a poverty spirit; which holds people down and fuels complaining, bitterness and envy at others' success and happiness. The hard right is the reactionary error (when we react to error, we always create more error) with equal fear-based intolerance. 

The devil's way is to take good things and twist them, he is the father of lies, he comes disguised as an angel of light with the counterfeit of the true. True tolerance, true love gives freedom of thought, freedom of opinion and freedom of speech to people encouraging people to become powerful and live responsible lives. Yet this freedom os speech, thought and opinion is the very thing being deprived the church by today's bullies. Know this: the bullying thought police and free speech rapists have shamed many truth (Jesus) carriers, today's real lovers, into silent submission. The government have come under this antichrist spirit, the schools, universities, the media, the police. But times are changing, thanks be to God. The church is waking up, showing up, speaking up and bringing this stronghold down - after all, no other body has the authority to topple it.(2 Cor 10:3-5)

Often, we fear what we don’t understand. So, how can the church renounce this corner of fear and cowardice she has been backed into and get her love back, learn to be powerful again, remember who her Bridegroom is and who she is ?

How to love today’s real bullies

First, see that the battle is not with broken, wicked people, it is in the spirit. This issue is crucial for you to maintain a posture of honour, humility and love towards the person you are addressing (Eph 6:6-12). There is little defence for love.

Then, set the captives free with your unguarded freedom, grace and boldness. 

Love is never intimidated, always bold, because there is no fear in love. The boldness of the church's love is going to be crucial in this hour. The devil is prince of fear - fear is one of his primary tactics. He wants fearful people, fearful leaders, fearful teachers, who move from fear and intimidation. Boldness, working through love, is the only antidote against fear and intimidation, moving in the express opposite spirit. That is why if you do a New Testament search on the occasions people are filled with the Holy Spirit you will see that boldness and plain speech are the main fruits. 

Boldness is empowered by the Holy Spirit. A cowering church is a church that has grieved the Holy Spirit and bowed to the fear of man (political correctness). We might be in church, wearing dog-collars, using Christian language, but our worship has done a 180. When I am fearful I have bowed the knee to their trinket god. I must repent and cry out again for the cleansing fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom (Prov 10:9, 23:17). Then, when I am bold, free from "their fear", this demonstration, Paul writes, is evidence of the devil's coming destruction, our knowing a superior name and owning an infinitely superior end - our salvation in Christ (Phil 1:28). 

Don't get so comfortable in a relationship or needy of man's praise, that you compromise truth. Let your roots run deep in eternal Love. To live is only Christ, let even death take its rightful place as promoter to more, excessive life. Let your radical freedom and joy set others free from this fear-tangling web. No greater love has man than this, that he lays down his life for his friend. When I see the cross of Christ I am soberingly reminded that the lost must go to hell over our dead bodies. As the Bride awakens, perfect love is casting out fear. The torch-bearers are coming out of hiding. Their light won’t be put out.


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