Living from Kingdom Values

“True godliness does not turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavours to mend it.”
—William Penn

Over the next few days I want us to reflect on how we choose to live in light of this great salvation. Living from kingdom of God values will form the bedrock of a Christ-centred life.

First, some context: the western world is primarily task-oriented, driven by results. The means are easily justified by the end. This driven-ness is often at the expense of our integrity, healthy family life, authentic relationships and a selfless, agenda-less love for God. At the root of this malaise is the orphan-hearted need to be justified before God and man by works. If we are not careful, we can allow this restless driven-ness to get things done – the idolatry of doing and achieving, even when it’s for a kingdom vision – to taint our motives and supersede the importance of simply living in God’s presence.

The world and religion look at the outside of the cup. Both are obsessed with superficial appearance and activity. But God looks at the heart, the motives, the “how” and “why” of our life choices.

This is where our values come in. Values underpin the “how” of life. They are the culture within which destiny is formed, grown and lived out. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Values are held in our hearts. They are not a set of dry regulations, or dead rituals copied from a dusty book, but are formed in relationship with God as we follow Jesus and allow Him to change our hearts. Kingdom values help us to live intentionally and powerfully from God’s heart, instead of passively, as victims to the patterns and demands of the world around us (Romans 12:2).

Living from kingdom values establishes integrity, builds character and cultivates a healthy consistency in all areas of life. It makes us the same person on the inside as the outside; the same person in the office, the supermarket, when no one’s looking, as we are in church. The sacred/secular divide is gone. Powerful and self-controlled people cultivate healthy boundaries to protect the values from which they live. When we say “yes” to some things, we inevitably say “no” to others. Seth Dahl puts it like this: “It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.”

The simple values in the chapters following, such as intimacy with God, trust and rest, and more, are like lights that will illuminate our way and provide a firm foundation, as we seek to walk with Christ.

Take a moment to write down the values you grew up with, the culture and priorities that were passed down to you, consciously or subconsciously, by your family, education and friends. Do these line up with the word of God? Ask the Lord to show you any ungodly values in your life. Now write down some values on which you want to base the rest of your life. You may find a marked difference! As children of the King of Kings, let us enter into the supernatural ways of royalty.

This article is an extract from 

God Hunger: Meditations from a life of longing


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