The Whisper of Remembrance

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us" - Augustine

Jesus is whispering to me - “Learn from Me, I am gentle at heart. Walk in my yoke and find longed for rest for your soul. Take all the pressure off. My yoke is easy and the portion I give you is light.” 

The Lord softens my heart, makes me gentle, kind, deliciously at rest. Then I am a good, loving  husband, great to be around. When I feel ashamed I become offended, I’m exposed, I step into the kingdom of fear, restlessness, my heart hardens. Peace leaves – it’s that quick. And Thea can have a rough time around me. I have forgotten who I am and whose I am and I forget who the people around me really are. I leave the Lord’s creation and enter my darkened version of things, full of chaos and turmoil. Welcome to the battle-field of the mind. I need saving again. I need to repent, turn back, re-align my thinking, remember. Eden is at hand, freedom, a spacious place, kindness, spiritual vision, the way He sees and thinks. Life in all its glorious abundance. Often holiness is simply shortening the gap between sin and repentance.

Titus 3:2 calls us ‘to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarrelling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.’ I have noticed that when I speak death from my tongue (this unruly member that starts fires) – about anything, anyone, it is usually because of fear or shame and pride. My superior knowledge is on. My defences are bristling. My shame-hiding, self-justifying, performance and earning ways are turned on. My trusting chid-likeness and brotherly affection are gone. Quarrelling, is my fight for control, my powerlessness manifesting, my meekness vanishing. My will has become paramount. Love is long-suffering. Love suffers long, the gap between stimulus and response for lovers is wide, prayerful and deep. Carnal reaction is difficult for those whose eyes only desire to respond to the Father’s desire. Dove’s eyes are fixed, fastened with steely romance on the Bridegroom.

I am so forgetful. Sin is paradise lost and then paradise forgotten. Sin is forgetfulness. I forgot who I am, I forgot whose I am, I forgot where I'm from and I forgot where I'm headed. Walking in righteousness is remembrance. Remain mindful. 

A tree is known by the fruit juice it produces when squeezed.

Triggers in life are everywhere. The enemy is no fool and very active about town. If you feel triggered by an event, a person, something said, an old tape in your head - don't react. Stop. Be still and know again, that He is God. That He is good. That you are loved. When you are attacked, or feel attacked (there can be a huge difference between the two), bend down to the ground and drag a finger in the sand. Engage the Spirit within you and commune with His smiling thoughts. Remember you are the beloved. Remember whose you are. Remember that it is finished. Remember that you are not created to control circumstances or people but to trust and love. Remember that you are an heir of the King of kings and that nothing can change your royal status. You are not an employee who needs to earn wages or compete with your siblings. Remember who the person in front of you with the stone really is. Even as they have forgotten. Begin to see them at the end of their race and so set the two of you free.

"Do this in remembrance of me", our Lord gently, kindly, softly whispers to us. Remember.


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