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Your Life is a River

Your life is a river that people get to swim in. And out of interest, which streams do you hang out in? Ok - let me try and pull this back out of the metaphorical!

Next time you are reading the newspaper, a novel, at the movies, listening to the radio, chanting your favourite Taylor Swift chorus (powerless, fear-saturated "Look What You Made Me Do… I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me" nearly 900 million views on YouTube), hearing a preach at church or talking to friends, be aware of the spiritual transactions that are taking place. Impartation is going on all the time. The word "impart" means to give, convey or grant. Impartation doesn't just happen in a prayer meeting with the laying on of hands, it never stops.
You receive an impartation from people all the time. You impart when you release who you are and what you carry. Jesus said, "My words are spirit and life." In other scriptures the words of Jesus are rushing waters, a two-edged sword,…

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